Kevin and Mike

Kevin and Mike are long-time best friends and recent roommates based in Los Angeles, California. They met when they were in first grade, but became inseparable in middle school. While their opinions and interests can be polar opposites, their irreverent and unique sense of humor is what bonded them so strongly over the years. Kevin and Mike’s friendship has surpassed difficult situations with compassion, whimsy, and strength.



Photo Series

Kevin and Mike are both notorious in their friend group for their video party invitations and have even cited them as being great ways to measure landmarks in their relationship. Often in these videos, they dress up in outlandish costumes and create a narrative that prompts an invite to their party. Party themes range from “A Simple Life” to “Martians”. These memories felt representative of their relationship as the parties were always irreverent, thoughtful, and most of all fun. Their photo series incorporates elements from each of these videos; some of the objects include a Martian doll, a pink cowboy hat, and red solo cups.


“Mike and I had first and second-grade homeroom together. When we went to middle school, we combined our student body population with four or five other elementary schools. So people naturally reevaluated who they wanted to spend their time with given the new pool of people. But a lot of people kept the same friends too, of course. We were starting to come into our own, as well as give in to social pressure in a different way than before, and as a result switched things up a little bit. Fun fact, the first time we hung out since elementary school, in the sense of planning time together outside of a larger group of friends, was when we saw Mean Girls when it was first in theaters. After that, we were hanging out quite a bit.”

“I think of bedtime, we just laugh and kind of put off going to bed by just talking about our artistic fantasies of different things that we want to film. Or even just riffing about stuff that will never be manifested in any sort of way. It’s something that I take for granted. Considering that growing up, if only in your wildest dreams, could you have a sleepover with your best friend every night.”



“I do feel like our senses of humor are very similar. A sense of humor so important to me compared to the average person. Laughing and just being silly is a very high priority for me. I think Kevin and I definitely share that preference. We both lean towards relationships where we're laughing at each other constantly. It’s something I surround myself with all the time, being a roommate with Kevin and being best friends with him. But not everyone is like that, some people are just serious. I think that having that outlook on life, it makes it really easy to stay friends.”