Sara and Gabby

Sara and Gabby’s friendship has transcended the complicated transition of adolescence with empathy and grace. They are best friends who first met on their middle school soccer team. Gabby had just moved to Oregon from Idaho, and she was quickly welcomed into Sara’s friend group. High school allowed them to spend more time together through long car rides and a shared class schedule. They have experienced many formative years together, and both noted that their friendship only got stronger while others seemed to have weakened with time and distance.



Photo Series

Sara and Gabby’s photo series uses the shared experience in soccer to represent larger themes of competition, teamwork, and outgrowing hardships within their relationship. From trust to empathy, the tone of their friendship has always been one of deep understanding and allowing room for one another to grow. Using items from their organized sports days as a vessel to translate these ideas allows Sara and Gabby to reconnect with their roots.


“The way we first met was in our soccer team in eighth grade. I specifically remember this moment, which is hilarious. I don't know if Sara remembers it, but we're running a drill and I was up against Sara and I was just thinking, “Oh God, she's very easy to get the ball from”. That's how we technically met. We were on the same soccer team, but I didn't get to know Sara really until our first year in high school.”


“I think it was through soccer and we probably just got to know each other through that. And then over time, just through school, we became closer, and then that manifested into a friendship. I just have a very distinct feeling of becoming close and being able to trust Gabby in middle school. My first initial feelings were of trust.” SARA MICHELL, FEBRUARY 2020.

“I always thought that the things we valued would be more of the experiences that we have shared together. We've had long car rides where we talk a lot about our shared frustrations with both our sisters and friends and the friend group. I think it’s one of those things where we’ve known each other for so long that we don’t have to pretend to be anyone else. But, there’s also still new things I get to learn about Sara as we grow together.”


“We both want to see each other succeed and so we're very supportive. Especially with what we want to do with our lives, even though that’s very different. I think we like to motivate each other to pursue what we want to do. We're also able to come back to our roots and kind of reminisce on where we started.”